Brian Green at work in his studio.

This is Brian Green’s personal recording studio, Castlebury Productions.  Its a full service music production studio located just outside Nashville in beautiful Franklin, Tennessee.  Castlebury Productions is owned and operated by award-winning music producer and programmer, Brian Green and his wife Wendi Foy Green, founding member of the contemporary Christian music group Sierra.  With over twenty years of experience in a broad range of musical styles, Castlebury Productions has been consistently providing world class production for our many clients.  We would love to have the opportunity to put our touch on your next project!

Our studio is approximately 800 square feet  with a large control room and  an overdub room adequate for up to 8 singers.  The control room has 19 foot knotted pine vaulted ceilings and a comfortable lounge area with a beautiful view of the pool.  The studio also includes a kitchen area complete with a refrigerator and microwave oven.


  • Consoles- Yamaha O2R96,Waves DSP Card,Full add on effects for O2R96, Yamaha O3D, Yamaha O1V
  • DAW- MacPro Quad core 3Ghz with 16 Gigs of RAM,OX 10.6.7, Logic 9.1.6, Motu Digital Performer 6.03,MacBook Pro Intel Core duo,2 Gigs of RAM,Muse Receptor 2,Antares Auto-tune Evo,Waves Musician Bundle 2,Melodyne Studio 3.2/Melodyne Editor Ver.2,VocAlign Project, Finale 2011
  • Interfaces- RME Fireface 400, Motu-2408 Mk3,Motu 2408 Mk 1, Motu Digital Timepiece
  • Soft-Synths- Reason 6,Albino 3 Spectrasonics:Stylus RMX,Trillion and Omnisphere,Superior Drummer 2.0,Goliath,Storm Drums, Symphonic Orchestra Platinum,Gypsy,Silk,RA,Ministry of Rock, SampleTank,Vienna Instruments, Vienna Ensemble Special Edition,NI B-4,MOTU Ethno Instrument 2,MOTU Mach 5 ver.2, LA Scoring Strings,Vienna Symphonic Opus1 and2,Vienna Solo Strings,Vienna Saxophones,Garritan Orchestral Strings
  • Samplers- MOTU Mach 5 ver.2,Gigastudio 3.0 , 2 Roland S-760′s, Roland S-750, Roland SP-700
  • Synths- Roland XV-5080, 2 Roland JV-1080′s (with various expansion cards),Jv-880, Roland D-550, Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter, Yamaha TG-77,Korg Wavestation SR
  • Controllers- Yamaha Motif-8XS,Novation SL Mk2, Yamaha EX-5
  • Vintage Hammond CV-with Key Trek Percussion Mod, Leslie 142
  • Outboard Gear- Neve 9098 preamp/EQ, 2 Lexicon LXP-15′s, TC Electronic D-Two Delay,DBX 160A Compressor Limiter
  • Microphones- Mojave MA-200, AKG 414, CAD Equitek E-300, Beyer TG-X 50
  • Studio Monitors: Dynaudio Acoustics BM15A Active Studio Monitors